The tips of tweezers can be curved, pointy, square, or angled depending on their use. Since tweezers are one of the more affordable kitchen tools, you can probably swing two pairs. Their compact size makes them a much better fit in a crock next to the rubber spatulas or sharing a cubby in the cutlery drawer with spoons. One of the more common cell-sorting systems makes use of flow cytometry through fluorescence imaging. In this method, a suspension of biologic cells is sorted into two or more containers, based upon specific fluorescent characteristics of each cell during an assisted flow.

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I can’t imagine any other way of flipping tiny bay scallops. With tweezers, they easily about-face in place like lined up toy soldiers. With the help of their ridged tips, tweezers have better performance at gripping slick or round objects—as a former ice-program head, I speak from experience. Visualization of the sample plane is usually accomplished through illumination via a separate light source coupled into the optical path in the opposite direction using dichroic mirrors. This light is incident on a CCD camera and can be viewed on an external monitor or used for tracking the trapped particle position via video tracking. DNA and the proteins[29] and enzymes that interact with it are commonly studied in this way.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers

This will keep them from getting damaged as well as protect your fingers if you are rooting around for something else in your kit. Made of sturdy stainless steel, these precision-style tweezers can grip even the tiniest of ticks so that you are not exposed to tick-borne pathogens any longer than need be. Plus, with proper use, there’s no worry that part of the tick will remain embedded in your skin. The only downside is that the company offers a refund policy only and no type of warranty. What’s more, these tweezers serve as a multifunctional tool, so they will quickly become your go-to tweezer for meticulous tasks.

With the aid of the flow of the cells, there is a resultant force that is directed along that preferred optical path. Hence, there is a relationship of the flow rate with the optical gradient force. By adjusting the two forces, one will be able to obtain a good optical sorting efficiency. Our beauty pros swear by Tweezerman for their brow-plucking needs. One GH editor found its fine tip helped remove unwanted hairs with great precision.

  • One thing the tester called out is the size of the tweezers.
  • Living cells have a lower conductive medium while the dead ones have minimum or no conductive medium.
  • Tweezers look like pincers, and are pinched together manually to extract an object from the body.
  • Some tweezers have a long needle-like tip which may be useful for reaching into small crevices.
  • Because Tweezerman is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and free sharpening services, it should come as no surprise that the best overall tweezer on the market is the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.

According to Healy, tweezing can be a little painful — especially in the winter if your skin is dry, or during that time of the month. “It’s less painful to pluck after the shower, when your brows will be a bit more pliable and softer, making it less painful to tweeze,” he says. “If you pluck a hair, try putting your finger on it right away how to buy bitcoin gold — it can help take away the sting,” he shares. “The entire tool feels strong — I don’t feel the need to grip or pull the hairs too hard,” our tester explains. The durability is in part to a coating of diamond dust (yes, really) which also helps remove barely-there hairs sanspain. One thing the tester called out is the size of the tweezers.

ZoneYan Tweezers with LED Light

What’s more, the company offers a free sharpening service for all its products to keep your tools in tip-top shape for years to come. “The tweezers look sleek but feel very sturdy,” our reviewer notes. Our tester liked the small, sleek design of these tweezers and said they’re easy to grip and maneuver. While we don’t really have anything negative to say, they just didn’t wow us like some other pairs we tried. She liked that the pointed ones are sharp but not brittle and said all three pairs did a great job pulling out short, long, fine, thick, and coarse hairs.


“They’ve got some weight to them, too, making them feel sturdier,” one tester raved. However, our brow pro didn’t find them as effective at removing ingrown hairs. If we could only use one pair of tweezers until the end of time, we’d have to go with Anastasia Beverly Hills. This all-star grooming tool earned perfect scores from our testers, who loved the sleek yet sturdy design and sharp, slanted tips.

“You want to find a tweezer that feels comfortable in your hand,” Healy says. These tweezers turned out to be pretty decent for a drugstore brand. We like that they’re made of stainless steel, and they were surprisingly easy to use. However, the tips are pretty dull, so they’re not ideal for precision plucking and extracting super-fine hairs.

Tweezers and forceps are types of tools used in the extraction of objects from the body, both in medical and non-medical settings. There are certain differences in the two instruments including their size, tips, and handles. In general, tweezers are smaller than forceps, but there are forceps that come in relatively small sizes as well. In addition, forceps sometimes have pointed teeth at their tips that can be used in certain medical procedures, such as grasping and holding onto delicate body tissue.

Overall, these tweezers are smaller than standard tweezers, which makes them perfect for on-the-go first aid treatment. The only downside is that the company does not list a warranty. But at this price point, that may not be an issue—especially since they are made with premium-grade stainless steel which tends to be durable and long lasting. In fact, the curved handle is designed so that your view is not blocked while you are extracting an object.


They allow you to turn over a thick ribeye with ease and even garnish it with some fragile herbs immediately after, if you’re in the mood. If you don’t mind getting a little close to the heat, long tweezers are the perfect utensil for carefully flipping vegetables or hot dogs on a grill without letting any slip through the grate. Their simple design means that there aren’t any grooves or pockets for food and gunk to get trapped, so cleanup is a cinch. I met my first pair of tweezers in a restaurant filled with foams and gels and rotary evaporators. My official title was chef de partie, but it would be more accurate to say that I was head of the ice program. I spent hours working out of the freezer, making perfect coins of cabbage ice, thin sheets of buttermilk ice, and who could forget the innovative shards of water ice.

Optical levitation

Pointed tweezers aren’t something we’d recommend to beginners, but they’re clutch for precision plucking and ingrown hairs. This pair from Tweezerman features super-fine (and super sharp) tips that make it easy to grab short, fine hairs. Unlike the slanted-tip variety, you won’t accidentally pull out more hairs than you intended.

It also will make it easier to grip and remove everything from hairs to small objects like glass, splinters, or thorns. Tweezers are primarily used for grooming eyebrows and removing stray facial hairs. They can also be used to remove splinters, thorns, and glass from the skin. The quality of your tweezers, and specifically the alignment and sharpness of the tips, play a big role in their efficiency.

What are tweezers used for?

Find the full list of the best tweezers, according to InStyle testers, below. After thoroughly putting 18 top-rated tweezers to the test — taking into account the ease of use, grip, and overall performance of each — we determined the top five best tweezers. In the end, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers came out ahead as our best overall thanks to their sturdiness, efficacy, and high scores in all of the aforementioned categories. There are many different kinds of tweezers, and each has a different purpose. Did you notice the Byrdie Verified seal of approval at the top of this story? Occasionally, beauty brands and PR agencies will send us samples for coverage consideration, but our thoughts and opinions are fully our own.

Not only is the set excellent for tweezing on-the-go, each pair is also durable enough for daily use. Made with high-quality stainless steel, investing to beat inflation all three tweezers work in just about any situation. “These are effective on all hair — short, long, thick, and thin,” the tester explains.